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Slots can be grouped into a few categories based on their overall structure, in the broadest sense. Classic slots that have three reels are the most simple form of slots with relation to design, rules and wagering options, that’s exactly why they are recommended to beginners.

Video slots having a five-reel layout boast of an immense variety of themes and bonus features. Some slots have a modest betting range with the low minimum bet and are thus appealing and affordable to players on a budget. Other slots have a high maximum stake that may reach hundreds of dollars per spin which makes them a desirable slot choice for high-rollers. In video slots, graphics are richer, features are more numerous and diverse, and payouts are usually bigger, as compared with classic slot machines.

Progressive slots may feature either five or three reels, but one major distinction that sets them apart is a progressive jackpot which sometimes grows into millions of dollars. Hitting a progressive is a challenge yet a single spin of the reels can turn a lucky one into a millionaire.