By Reels

The slots that you may try on or anywhere else fall under two large groups: five-reel slots and three-reel slots.

The games that are equipped with 3 reels are also known as classic slots or Vegas-style slots since they recreate the structure of old-school slot machines that pioneered slots development at the first half of the 20th century. Three-reel games tend to be fairly simple and easy-to-understand, that is why the players who are new to online casinos are encouraged to play 3-reel slots first in order to grasp the basics of all slots games no matter the number of reels they have.

Five-reel slots are more numerous than classic ones, and more diverse since a gaming field rooms fifteen symbols, not nine as the case is in 3-reel machines. Modern five-reel games feature an impressive imagery, realistic animations and a host of bonus features that create a unique appeal to any specific game. Five-reel slots are suitable for all categories of players in terms of budget: low-limit players may find a great choice of penny slots whereas high-rollers will be happy to place a hundreds of dollars bet per each spin.

Today, most companies that develop and supply their slot solutions to online casinos are rather focused on releasing trendy five-reel slots, though without neglecting classic machines that are still a favorite entertainment for many slot devotees over the globe.